Use Tinted Vision to update the look of your vehicle, whether you have a classic or modern set of wheels a good quality bespoke tint can add a style and presence. Get the look you want for competitive rates right here.

Nearly all of our customers get their tinting done purely for style!

However, there are further benefits from tinting your vehicle. Services we provide help with the safety of your loved ones and yourself by reducing glare for small children and passengers alike. Furthermore, the tints aid in heat reduction which provides a further comfort for journeys. Safety is enhanced, yet again, as the interior of the vehicle and any possessions inside are less visible to the outside world. Get you tints installed today to begin benefitting from all of the above.


  • Increased privacy for valuables and the occupants.
  • Our Window film blocks up to 99% uv rays.
  • Reduces glare and greatly increases comfort for pets and small children.
  • Can reduce heat in the summer by up to 64%
  • Keeps the cars interior from fading over time.
  • Helps the car maintain a high resale value.

As with all the work we do here at Tinted Vision our window tint installs are subject to a strict quality control and are carried out by specialists who have years of experience behind them. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise so much we offer a full guarantee should there be any defect on our part.

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Tinted Vision provide a nationwide service specializing in high risk installation. We benefit our customers with a cost effective and time efficient solution to most glazing related problems. See how Tinted Vision can have an immediate impact on your business.