Vehicle wrapping is arguably one of the fastest growing trends in the aftermarket world. Whether you fancy a change of colour or really want something to make your car turn heads. Tinted Vision has the solution for you!

We can wrap any vehicle in a variety of colours and finishes at Tinted Vision in the North East.


A vinyl wrap is effectively a big sticker that is technically applied to each panel of the car changing the colour/pattern on the vehicle. Vinyl Wrapping cars are completely removable so the vehicle can be returned to its original colour at any time.

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle is not only more cost effective and affordable; there are many other advantages to having a vinyl wrap installed rather than paint at Tinted Vision. Here’s just a few of them:

  • We can finish and colour your vehicle for products and outcomes that simply aren’t available with paint. Such as brushed aluminium or chrome vinyl.
  • A removable vinyl wrap also protects the original paint from aging and stone chips/ road debris
  • Retain the re sale value of your car by not permanently changing the original paint colour
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You can have your full car vinyl wrapped or maybe you just want a bonnet wrap or roof wrap? The choice is yours.

We carry a large selection of the highest quality vinyl wrapping materials from all of the worlds top manufacturers! Our large selection of colours in both matt and gloss as well as more speciality colours like, chrome, carbon fibre, fur etc. and of course we can do custom design wraps also! Whether you are local to Newcastle, or the North East, come on in for a free consultation. We are happy to help and give advice on colours and designs here at Tinted Vision.


A vinyl wrap is a way to change the colour of your car without the need for paint. Once the vinyl wrap has been installed you can enjoy it for a number of years before having the option to remove it completely, or go for a new look altogether. It’s a great way to keep up with trends and add value to your car. No matter what your Idea we can help, simply give us a call or pop into our customisation centre in Jarrow, Newcastle upon Tyne.


At Tinted Vision we pride ourselves on being able to give you the highest quality vehicle wraps in the North East by trusting in the highest quality materials and the most competent professionals! We ensure that every vehicle which enters our doors for vehicle wrapping/tinting undergoes the same unique process to ensure an outstanding and quick installation every time.


  1. Power wash the outside of the vehicle removing any surface dirt.
  2. Use specialist products to remove any tar or remaining contaminates
  3. Drive the car in to our purpose built wrapping workshop
  4. Remove all parts that will obstruct a perfect wrap finish! Door Handles, Exterior Trims, Lights etc.
  5. We then give the car a solvent based pre wrap clean using the best products available in the market
  6. We ensure all the b surfaces (Door Joins, Under Arches, panel Gaps etc) of the car are meticulously cleaned to prevent vinyl failure on any of the vehicles edges.
  7. We can now start to apply the vinyl one panel at a time, each wrapped panel is trimmed and checked before moving on the next one. The techniques we use ensure we do cut on the vehicle using a blade.
  8. We repeat this process for every panel on the car. Once the wrap is fully installed we heat all the vinyl applied to the correct temperature, this effectively re-casts the vinyl in to its new shape. The adhesion of the wrap is tested meticulously at various points throughout the installation.
  9. The following day the installation under goes a stringent quality control process. All parts and aspects are checked for quality of the fitment and to ensure no vinyl has moved in any recessed areas overnight.
  10. We then carefully reinstall any trim which had previously been removed. It is at this point the wrap is complete and the customer can collect their new and improved vehicle.
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Hassle Free, Free Consultation!

We provide all our potential customers a free consultation for their vehicle wrapping & graphics, this will allow us to retrieve the information we require to carry out the work (i.e. measurements, restrictions, etc.).

From this data we will then devise a work-plan and calculate costs, making sure we are as competitive as possible for your vehicle graphics & wrapping. This meeting is also a great opportunity for you to forward any queries or concerns you may have.

Feel free to query costs, time-scale, method, materials, safety issues, aftercare and anything else which you may want further information on. We aim to do our best to answer any queries and keep you informed, allowing us to work together to achieve the best results and your vehicle wrapping & graphics.

Area Coverage

As well as full Vehicle Wrapping and Graphics, we are many more services such as Car Window Tinting, Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Colour Changes. We have many customers who book in for vehicle wrapping & graphics at Tinted Vision. Locations from such as:

  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Jarrow
  • Sunderland
  • Morpeth
  • Jesmond
  • Gosforth
  • Middlesborogh
  • Gateshead
  • Consett
  • Felling
  • Heworth
  • Hebburn
  • Washington
  • Bdon
  • Swalwell
  • Durham
  • Chester-le-Street
  • North Shields
  • South Shields
  • Tynemouth
  • Whitley Bay
  • Forrest Hall
  • Killingworth
  • Longbenton
  • Woolsington
  • Whickham
  • Wallsend

Update your vehicle style at low cost today.